Organizational Development

Organizational Development (OD) is the interventional practice of enhancing organizational performance and individual development to solve problems and achieve immediate business objectives as well as strategic goals. The Human Capital Strategy Group (HCSG) provides the following OD services:

Business Process Redesign

We partner with departments, teams and individuals to evaluate practices and methodology to yield greater efficiency, higher performance, increased customer satisfaction, larger market share and revenue.

Change Management

Change management is the continuous process of organizational alignment with its marketplace and doing so more effectively than the competition. We partner with out clients to ensure timely and continuous synchonization of strategy, operation, revenue, performance and cultural goals.

Competency Models

We help organizations identify required competencies that are critical success factors at all levels. Once identified, the competencies are used to map, link and align critical human resource practices and human capital management with strategy.

Innovation Accelerator

We provide organizational framing and strategy alignment to invite and cultivate an innovation experience. Effective competitiveness and revenue growth requires new initiatives, technologies and performance from employees. The innovation accelerator challenges norms, traditions, and paradigms to advances ideas for implementation and optimum impact.

Organizational Assessment

We provide data driven analysis based on reporting relationship correlations to configure maximally effective organization structures.

Planning and Strategy

We provide assistance in the formulation and design of strategic and tactical plans.