Workforce Development

The Human Capital Strategy Group provides expertise in workforce development through training as well as professional development in areas to include:


Individual Development

  • HCSG provides support to high potentials, newly promoted leaders and new hires by helping them acquire and develop new competencies.

  • HCSG designs professional development plans for individual contributors and leaders.

  • HCSG maps employee competencies against current and strategic job expectations for predictive performance.

  • HCGS provides expertise to develop future leaders through mentoring and succession planning.

  • HCSG conducts a gap analysis to determine a baseline for professional development and succession planning.

  • HCSG leverages surveys to monitor progress against development plans.

  • HCSG evaluates performance with metrics aligned with development plans and strategy.

Team Development

  • HCSG builds confidence and competence of team complements and collaboration.

  • HCSG aligns individual strengths with team objectives.

  • HCSG enhances capacity to contribute to and lead cross-functional initiatives.

  • HCSG creates processes to identify, attract and acquire candidates to meet strategic goals.

  • HCSG provides competency-based tools to ensure consistent and successful candidate selection.

  • HCSG provides strategies and solutions to create and foster a diverse workforce.

  • HCSG develops and implements initiatives to recognize, reward and retain employees.

Performance Management

  • HCSG provides performance instruments and tools to accurately and consistently measure performance.

  • HCSG develops feedback tools to assess performance.

  • HCSG develops metrics and measurements to ensure goal achievement.