Many a False Step is Made by Standing Still

It’s sound advice, but sometimes even when we acknowledge that organizational change needs to occur, it’s knowing where to start that presents the problem. That’s the role of assessment – just another word that tells us “what is.” Put another way, if we know where we are, we can set a course of action for where we want to be, and how we plan to get there.  

It takes good leadership to willingly and proactively assess an organization.  It sometimes takes courageous commitment to look at diagnostic data, which may convey that your organization or your team is not doing well, and take action.  Leaders sometimes struggle with taking the first step because the first step might be an invitation to open Pandora’s box or implement change.  Rather than take the first step, open the box or change, leaders either stand still or allow teams to bury plans in meetings, debate, fear and procrastination.       

Effective and admirable leadership is demonstrated by leaders who welcome and greet reports which may not convey the best results.  However, this data can be used to inform next steps and ultimately influence better performance and outcomes. 

Do you know where your gaps, areas of vulnerability and weaknesses exist?  Do you have a plan to address them?  When is the last time you looked at the plan?  Does your plan have metrics and measurements for success?  Are you making false steps by standing still?