About the Human Capital Strategy Group

The Human Capital Strategy Group is comprised of consultants, strategists and experts in strategy, executive coaching, leadership development, human resources, organizational, professional and workforce development.  We are a premiere consulting organization with expertise in the corporate, medical, academic and government arenas.  


We are woman, veteran and minority-owned.  We have a diverse team of extraordinarily talented, and incessantly curious thought-leaders, who are not afraid to test the waters, change the paradigm and challenge the status quo. We know that the status quo becomes irrelevant quickly and impedes an organization's ability to effectively compete. Therefore, it is necessary for leaders to engage the Human Capital Strategy Group to insure they are consistently leading in the marketplace, redefining trends and delivering the best. 

Our Story

In addition to leading very gratifying projects and supporting amazing leaders, what really galvanizes our team is solving problems and creating solutions.   We love navigating our clients to new heights of performance and profitability.

Too many times, we have worked with teams and spoken at leadership conferences where leaders believed they could retrofit antiquated processes, practices, principles and policies into current models and remain competitive.  Doing so is akin to trying to access the internet through a typewriter.  It doesn't work. These attempts are short-lived, expensive and inevitably unsuccessful.  The Human Capital Strategy Group partners with organizations to design and deliver strategies, solutions and services to ensure optimal employee performance, measured accountability, organizational efficiency, improved client satisfaction and retention which all translate into increased revenue and stakeholder dividends.

At some point in business, you are going to encounter a crisis - a leadership, ethics, public or brand crisis. It's inevitable.  The question becomes: "How are you going to respond to it?"  Silence is considered passive.  Scrambling evidences disorganization. "Sorry" is becoming overused.  Now what?  These are the junctures and intersections where our experts and strategists partner with you to navigate you through the rough terrain, curves, fall out and backlash to a place of courage. Simply put -  We create light at the end of the tunnel.

 In addition to our expertise, what sets the Human Capital Strategy Group apart from other firms is our capacity to handle large projects, respond quickly and design scalable and sustainable solutions..

Our expertise and responsiveness coupled with our use of state of the art communication tools and high customer service orientation is why our clients repeatedly refer, engage and re-engage us exclusively.

Call our office at: 630.254.0660 or email us at info@humancapitalstrategygrp.com